• CSCR III will be held in 2024 in Yangling, Shaanxi, China

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    Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are facing highly changeable environments and huge competitive pressure. International conflicts further impose huge risks on the global economy that’s yet to fully recover from the pandemic shock. Without a good mechanism to adapt to this complex environment, companies are more likely to encounter financial difficulties, such as excessive liabilities, insufficient liquidity or even bankruptcy. These problems will not only adversely affect the sustainable development of companies but also result in significant losses to investors, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders. Under this background, we will hold the 2nd Credit Scoring and Credit Rating conference (CSCR II) in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China on 21-23 October 2022, with the theme of Green Finance and Smart Credit”. The conference will be international and run in a hybrid style with the physical location at the UNNC campus in Ningbo China and online streaming of sessions for international audiences. The conference welcomes experts and academics from the banking industry, corporate finance, consumer finance, bond and credit derivatives markets, financial technology, credit bureaux, credit services & agencies, and other related fields to discuss and share research findings related to credit scoring, credit rating and credit asset risk management.

    Green Finance and Smart Credit

    由于新冠疫情的影响,企业正面临变化的经济环境和巨大的竞争压力。国际冲突进一步给尚未从疫情冲击中完全恢复的全球经济带来了不确定性。面对错综复杂的环境,企业更有可能遭遇财务困境,如负债过多、流动性危机甚至破产。这些问题不仅会对企业的可持续发展产生不利影响,还会给投资者、债权人、贷款人和其他利益相关者带来巨大损失。在此背景下,第二届“信用评分与信用评级会议”(CSCR II)将于2022年10月21-23日在中国浙江宁波召开,会议主题为“Green Finance and Smart Credit”,倡导绿色发展与科技赋能。本次国际会议将以线上线下混合的方式在宁波诺丁汉大学(UNNC)召开。会议欢迎来自银行业、公司金融、消费金融、债券和信贷衍生品市场、金融科技、征信机构、评级机构、信用信息服务机构等方面的专家和学者一起讨论交流,分享与信用评分、信用评级和信贷资产风险管理相关的研究成果。

  • Call for Papers

    Papers and presentations addressing the following issues would be particularly welcome.



    • Green loans, green bonds and ESG rating
    • Climate change and credit risk
    • International conflict/geopolitics and credit risk
    • COVID-19 and credit risk
    • Credit economics and corporate/consumer credit
    • Financial institution regulation and the BASEL accord
    • LGD/EAD modelling and IFRS
    • Portfolio credit risk management
    • Credit rating and analysis
    • Corporate bond pricing and risk forecasting
    • Risk assessment of small and micro businesses
    • Corporate bankruptcy/financial distress prediction
    • Economic capital estimation and stress testing
    • Dynamic risk modelling and account management
    • Profit scoring and risk-based pricing
    • Propensity, retention and attrition scoring
    • Fraud and collections scoring
    • Reject inference
    • Applications of ML/AI and big/alternative data to risk management
    • Social Credit Systems


    • 绿色信贷、绿色债券和ESG评级
    • 气候变化与信用风险
    • 国际冲突/地缘政治和信用风险
    • 新冠疫情与信用风险
    • 信用经济与信贷供给
    • 金融机构监管与巴塞尔协议
    • LGD/EAD建模和IFRS会计准则
    • 投资组合信用风险管理
    • 信用评级和分析
    • 公司债券定价与债券风险
    • 小微企业风险评估
    • 企业破产和财务危机预测
    • 银行经济资本估计和压力测试
    • 马尔可夫链和生存分析动态模型
    • 利润评分和风险定价
    • 客户偏好和流失预测
    • 欺诈预警和催收评分
    • 拒绝推断
    • 机器学习/人工智能/大数据/替代数据在风险管理中的应用
    • 社会信用体系
  • Latest Information


    # Announcement 会议通知 @ 12 September 2022

    Due to the overlap with other important meeting, we decided to postpone CSCR II one week later to 21-23 Oct 2022. Other dates are ajusted accordingly. Please modify your calendar and reserve the new dates for the conference. Sorry for the troubles.

    因为考虑到和其他重要会议时间的重叠,我们决定将CSCR II会议推迟一周进行,新的会议时间为10月21-23日。请与会者重新备注一下会议时间。我们对所带来的麻烦表示歉意。

    # Announcement 会议预报 @ 1 September 2022

    The registration portal for the 2nd CSCR Conference is now open. The authors whose papers have been accepted are invited to register for the conference by 16 September, 2022. A specific notice was sent to your email address on 31 August 2022. Other people interested in attending the conference can register on the Registration page by 7 October, 2022.


    # Announcement 会议预报 @ 20 July 2022

    We are writing this announcement to update you that the deadline for paper submission for the 2nd CSCR Conference has been extended to July 31, 2022. Please circulate among your colleagues and teams as appropriate. Acceptance for the conference will be notified by 30 August 2022.


  • Publication Opportunity


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    British Accounting Review
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    Journal of Credit Risk
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    China Finance Review International
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    Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies
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    International Journal of Financial Engineering
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    Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
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